Water massage for pregnant women

Water massage for pregnant women

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The water massage for pregnant women is a new relaxing technique that brings many benefits to both the future mother and the baby during pregnancy. GuiaInfantil has interviewed Naomi Suriol, director of the Lenoarmi Center, in Barcelona, ​​to tell us all the secrets of musical aquatic massage for pregnant women, a relaxing sensory experience that stimulates blood flow, has an anti-inflammatory effect, rebalances the body and charges it with energy, and awakens the bond affectionate with your baby.

1. What is the underwater musical massage for pregnant women?
In enjoying a musical session and a sensory experience at the same time. The pregnant woman, with the help of floats, which will be different for each person, will get into a comfortable position to relax with her ears immersed and will enjoy a musical session that will reach her deepest.

2. What physical and psychological benefits does it provide to the future mother?
On a physical level, the future mother stimulates blood flow, the massage has a draining effect and she will feel how it relaxes the abdominal space and how her baby appreciates it. It awakens the affective bond with your baby, moves positive emotions and prepares for a positive motherhood and a more fluid delivery.

3. What does it feel like after an underwater musical massage session?
The mother feels full of energy, it has an anti-inflammatory effect and she feels lighter, the body is rebalanced and the back pain disappears. Sometimes the results are noticeable from the next day and the following days. For other people, the effect is immediate.

4. Is it as effective to relax as the bubble bath and streams of water?
It is deeper, as it acts on the immune system and the nervous system. We know, from studies that have been carried out, that music has a profound effect on the human being that can cause great changes, both physical and emotional.

5. Should it be done as a complementary therapy to aquatic exercises?
It is advisable, but massage can also be done as a one-time activity.

6. How many times a week is it recommended?
Once is enough, there are even pregnant women who do it every 15 days. It depends on the personal needs of each woman.

7. Is it appropriate for all expectant mothers or do you have to take any precautions?
It is simply important that they are not afraid of water and that they can relax in this environment.

8. How long do the underwater musical massage sessions last?
The sessions last one hour.

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