Differences between couples with children and couples without children

Differences between couples with children and couples without children

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Couples without children have no idea what those 'little guys' can change your life. I often have to stoically put up with these types of comments: 'it won't be so bad', 'why are you going to stop traveling?', 'Look at you parents are exaggerated' ... I said, they have no idea.

Having a child is not like having a dog. You can't pack it every time you go on a trip. You cannot expect me to meekly obey your calls. You can't 'tame' it in a month or two. You need all your life. Sometimes you never even get it. And yes, a son changes your life forever, from the moment it is born. That is something that everyone who wants to have a child should know from now on.

Couples without children live their lives without fear of improvising. They decide to do something and they just do it. You don't have to make too many plans. Want to go to the movies? Well you go. A couple with children need to plan. A week before you think: 'next week we will go to the movies? What movie? It's for children? What time? No, it's too early ... no, it's too late ... what about dinner? Do we have jelly beans? '

When you leave home, having children is not the same as not having them. If you don't have children, you leave home. It is done. It may take you two more minutes if you forgot your mobile. But if you have children, you'd better be patient. While they are called, they do not come, they forgot to put on their coat, they put their shoes on backwards, the zipper that does not go up, the little one who wants to go to the toilet (always at the last minute), the sofa cover on the floor , the fights ... The more forward-looking, they already have those five or ten minutes more and calculate plenty of time to not be late. Many others will be the eternal 'latecomers' for the rest.

It is definitely not the same. No, it is not. As soon as you have children, that moment of relaxation with which you enjoyed every afternoon is over. And that bath with candles and foam. Read? Books pile up on your bedside table. Not to mention sleeping. Sleep? What a utopia! Since you have a child, you no longer sleep more than 4 hours in a row. 'Momma!', 'Daddy!' (although normally it is usually 'mom'), 'I want to pee', 'I want water', 'I'm afraid' ... And when you finally fall asleep, your eyes are half-open every so often, intermittently, without knowing why what. Maybe because of that little warning light that remains forever in your brain ...

Best of all, despite all this. Despite the morning shouts, the frayed nerves, the stress, the renunciation of your moments of relaxation, the perennial sleep ... despite all that, you say to yourself: it's worth it. Will we be masocas?

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