Consequences of corporal punishment in children

Consequences of corporal punishment in children

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The use of harsh discipline and physical punishment has been the subject of research in recent years. Most of the analyzes have proven that corporal punishment causes more problems than benefits in children. Everywhere you look, a 'cake', a 'slap', a 'slap', or hit a boy or a girl, it is not the most effective sanctioning formula to educate the little ones. Physical punishment hurts not only them, but also the parents and the whole family. The effects and risks, as well as the consequences of an education based on physical punishment, are visible to everyone.

1- It paralyzes the child's initiative, blocking his behavior and limiting his ability to solve problems.

2- It does not promote the autonomy of children.

3- It offers the violent attitude as a valid way to resolve conflicts.

4- It damages your self-esteem. It generates a feeling of handicap and promotes negative expectations about oneself.

5- It teaches them to be victims. Wrongly, many believe that assault makes people who suffer it stronger and 'better prepares them for life', but we know that not only does it not make them stronger, but more likely to repeatedly become victims.

6- It interferes in their learning processes and, therefore, in the development of their intelligence, their senses and their emotionality.

7- Invites NOT to reason. By excluding dialogue and reflection, it hinders the ability to establish causal relationships between their behavior and the consequences that derive from it.

8- It makes them feel lonely, sad, and abandoned.

9- They incorporate into their way of seeing life a negative vision of others and of society, as a threatening place.

10- Create an obstacle, an impediment in communication between parents and children. It damages the emotional bonds created between the two.

11- It makes them feel angry, resentful, and want to get away from home.

12- It generates more violence. It teaches that violence is an appropriate way to solve problems.

13- They can present difficulties integrating socially, that is, to make friends and play with other children.

14- You do not learn to cooperate with authority figures, you learn to submit to the rules or to transgress them.

15- They may suffer accidental physical damage. When someone hits, they can 'get out of hand' and cause more damage than expected.

1. Physical punishment can produce anxiety and feelings of guilt, even when the application of this type of punishment is considered correct.
2. Violence spreads. The use of physical punishment increases the probability that parents will show violent behavior in other contexts with greater frequency and intensity in the future.
3. It prevents their communication with their children and deteriorates family relationships.
4. When they use physical punishment because they lack alternative resources, a need for justification appears before themselves and before society. Added to the discomfort due to the effects of physical punishment on children is the discomfort of an incoherent or unsubstantiated position.

1. The application of physical punishment increases and legitimizes the use of violence in society before the new generations.
2. Generates a double standard. Adults cannot be attacked, boys and girls can.
3. It can break family ties, breaking communication between its members, and preventing the family from integrating into society due to the contrast with democracy.
4. It hinders the protection of children. By allowing these practices, society 'abandons' and ignores the right to protection of children.
5. Submissive citizens are educated, conditioned to always be victims.

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