What happens if a child is lost

What happens if a child is lost

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I remember perfectly that feeling of terror. Feeling helpless in the middle of a world of giants and shadows is the closest thing to feeling panic. I thought I was lost. I was only 9 years old and fear completely paralyzed me. A couple approached when they saw my contorted face and asked what was wrong with me. Thanks to them, I was able to find my parents again.

But this story, now anecdotal, could have had another ending. They might not have helped me. They could even have tried to kidnap me. You do not believe it? An experiment, carried out with a 10-year-old girl, makes it very clear to us that we must be careful and never lose sight of our children.

How do you think people will react to a 10-year-old girl asking for help? She has been lost, she cannot find her mother, and she walks disoriented through streets she does not recognize. Seek help, will you find it?

Perhaps you think from your heart of mother or father that there will be no one who can deny him help. Maybe you think it's easy. Just call your family. But what if the one trying to help her actually hides other sinister intentions? Would you let one person take that girl away by ensuring that they will take her home?

Without a doubt, this video alerts us to the dangers that our son may suffer if we lose sight of him. You can ask for help, yes, but can you trust the person who kindly offers?

In this case, the little girl has found people who really want to help her. Others who directly ignore it. People who don't want to waste a minute of their valuable time and others who volunteer to help when in reality they want something different.

The best is prepare our children in case they ever find themselves in that situation. That they know how to react and that they also learn to distrust. Here are some vital tips to save ourselves a bad drink and try to solve the problem in the best possible way:

  • Make your child learn the phone number of home and his parents.
  • Teach your child to memorize his address.
  • Teach your child the emergency number to call if he is ever lost.
  • If your child is very young, write your phone number on his clothing tag. You can also put a bracelet on the phone.
  • Teach your child to be wary of some situations. For example, make it clear to him that he can never go with a stranger, even if he claims that you know him.

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