The most surprising curiosities of your baby

The most surprising curiosities of your baby

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Although it may seem incredible, did you know that your child shares his date of birth, that is, his birthday with 9 million other people on the planet? This is one of the most striking curiosities of babies, which you cannot miss. You'll be surprised!

Oddly enough, since they are born they cry 'crocodile tears'. It may be the first sign that you already glimpse your talent as an actor, but the truth is that babies usually cry without tears, during their first days of life and up to six weeks after birth, because their tear ducts still have closed.

And see if they are smart, that the human baby is the only living being that smiles intentionally to their parentsHowever, once it has adapted to the outside world because, although during an ultrasound it has been possible to capture the image of the baby smiling, then they do not do it again until approximately a month after birth.

It seems that childbirth puts them in a bad mood and the only thing that calms them is the mother's voice. Most babies they recognize their mother's voice as soon as they are born, because they have been listening to it during the nine months of pregnancy, but it takes about 14 days to recognize the father's voice.

Surely, you have also noticed that the head of babies is proportionally larger than the rest of their body, and that is a newborn's head represents a quarter of its total weight. You may lose an important part of your hair due to friction with the sheets, which will later grow back and if your skull shows any deformation, after having passed through the birth canal, it will possibly return to normal in a few days.

A newborn's brain accounts for 10 percent of their total body weight, while in adults it is 2 percent. Until six or seven months, your body does not lose its system of adaptation to the aquatic environment and are born with the ability to swim while holding their breath, an ability that they also use to feed on the mother's breast, as they can breathe and swallow at the same time.

Don't be surprised if your baby born with blue eyes, despite the fact that there is no one in the family who has them like that. This is due to a lack of pigmentation, which will later develop after birth. And don't try to get him to his feet, because even if you don't notice him, his legs are incomplete.

Your knees don't have kneecaps because they develop between six months and one year of life. Another most hygienic curiosity is that babies their breath doesn't smell because they do not have teeth, that where the bacteria responsible for halitosis are deposited and, that don't sweat, because your sweat glands are not quite mature.

If you are going to have a baby or have already had it, enjoy it and take advantage of all the time you can to feel it as such because they grow very quickly. To give you an idea, in the nine months between conception and birth, the baby's weight doubles 3 billion times. And, when they are born, the babies double their birth weight at six months and triple at the end of the first year.

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