Children's songs on Music Day

Children's songs on Music Day

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At Music's day. In schools, children honor Saint Cecilia, the patron saint of musicians, not only in music class, but singing their favorite songs in the hallways.

And it is that music has numerous benefits for children and babies, especially when the musical initiation is early. At home, listening to children's songs, physiological changes are already taking place. Children and babies develop a strong emotional bond, which stimulates their emotional intelligence. Likewise, on a psychological level, it awakens, stimulates and develops emotions and feelings.

Babies should not only listen to lullabies, because they also have the ability to enjoy classical music, something that they also like during their development in the womb. Several studies have shown that listening to different types of music during pregnancy is beneficial for babies because after birth they recognize it and help them calm down. You can sing to the baby, clap his hands, or teach him to clap as well. This fledgling form of percussion helps babies learn the rhythms of music.

In general, children's songs whose lyrics are simple and contain catchy and repetitive refrains are recommended for children. Children's favorite songs for children are those that include onomatopoeias and rhythms that can be danced. The child must understand that music is a source of fun and it is proven that babies and children are very receptive to classical music of easy structure and short duration.

In most music schools, children begin their musical initiation between the ages of 2 and 5. In music classes they learn to make rhythms with the voice or with different parts of the body, and they also teach them to distinguish between high and low notes and to recognize musical notes through games.

Studies show that music favors children's capacity for attention and concentration, thus enhancing their performance at school. Music stimulates memory, analysis, synthesis and reasoning, and therefore learning. From the age of 6, in most music schools they usually go from musical initiation to musical training, at which point the child makes contact with the chosen musical instrument.

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