How to remove tomato stains from children's clothes

How to remove tomato stains from children's clothes

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The situation is the most usual: our son is eating with all the taste in the world a plate of macaroni, with all its tomato sauce, and it seems that in the middle of the gastronomic festival war has broken out. The clothes you are wearing are full of red bulbs, and despite his satisfaction, wondering if that will really come out after putting it in the washer it is the most normal.

Although it often seems impossible, there are certain tricks or home remedies that can give us a guideline on how to remove a terrible tomato stain from your clothes. clothing.

The first thing we have to know is to put the clothes in the washing machine According to the tomato children, it is a mistake. The red color may disappear and turn yellowish, but with the shape of the stain largely intact. That is why it is better that we know certain home remedies for kill the tomato once and for all.

To begin with, you must immediately insert the garment to soak in a bucket, which will cause the stain to dissolve and dissolve. If we add a few drops of hand soap, it can act faster. Rubbing at this time would not be recommended, since the stain could be extended.

Then, before adding any type of product, we can use sodium bicarbonate that we have at home, and make a mixture that we put on the stain in question for a few minutes.

As for the products or tricks that we can use at any given time against tomato stains are the following: lemon juice or water, vinegar, toothpaste and alcohol.

- If the stain is not too big, our great ally will be the lemon. We only have to squeeze it with our hands and pour the liquid over the area in question. If we let it dry in the sun it will be easier for it to disappear.

- The vinegar and the alcohol They are for more desperate cases, when the stain already has a certain time and it will be more difficult to remove it. Starting with the vinegar and letting it dry can give way to pure alcohol when the situation already seems irreversible.

- The case of the toothpaste It is in the middle of both situations, although it is advisable to do it whatever the moment in question.When we have already carried out the chosen remedy in question, we only have to put on the stain a little toothpastel, and scrub with an old brush. If the stain is relatively recent it will help its absorption.

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