How to wash baby clothes

How to wash baby clothes

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Washing baby's clothes is an apparently simple task that, however, requires certain precautions. Baby's skin is much more delicate and sensitive than that of adults, so clothes must remain soft wash after wash. Improper use of strong detergents with additives, for example, could be harmful to babies, who always seek to put everything around them in their mouths.

One of the main doubts around baby clothes and their laundry is whether it is necessary wash clothes before first use. The answer is yes. On the one hand, because many manufacturers add substances to clothes to enhance certain aspects of their appearance and, on the other, because during the manufacturing, transport and sale process, the clothes have been able to get dirty with microbes that we must eliminate before dressing our baby. .

During the first months of our baby's life, it is advisable to wash their clothes - and crib bedding, of course - separately and exclusively, without mixing it with the clothes of the rest of the family. In the same way, the detergents to be used must be specific for babies or delicate clothes, dermatologically tested. We should not use bleaches, fabric softeners or other additives.

We can choose both the washing machine and the hand wash option to clean baby clothes, but we must bear in mind that the water has to be warm and not hot And if we choose to wash by hand, we must pay special attention to properly rinse the garments. In the case of the washing machine, we will choose a program for delicate clothes or wool. In this case, we can protect the clothes even more if we introduce them in a special net or pillowcase before placing them in the drum of the washing machine.

That the clothes do not harm our baby is the fundamental concern, but that the clothes are clean is the second relevant aspect to deal with. Babies' clothes are often stained with feces, urine, vomit and / or food; Difficult to remove stains that are not always completely removed with a mild, neutral soap. In this situation, the best solution is soak and pre-wash, coupled with fast acting. Don't be tempted to use specific anti-stain products, as they contain very strong additives for baby's skin.

Once the baby is six months old we can go gradually mixing his clothes with the rest of the family, being careful that the baby's skin does not suffer any type of irritation or friction. At first we will keep the detergent neutral for the whole family but we can raise the water temperature in the wash, except for those garments made of fabrics such as wool or silk that do not tolerate hot water. As with adult clothing, it is very important to check the label of each garment before washing to avoid displeasure.

Once this phase is over, we can gradually introduce other detergents until we find the perfect one for the whole family. We will avoid the use of bleach and stain remover on baby's clothes.

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