Recipes with banana for children and pregnant women

Recipes with banana for children and pregnant women

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Why should children and pregnant women take bananas? The answer is very simple with respect to children: in addition to being an easy fruit to eat for them and they can also take it on their own when they are learning to eat independently, it has many nutrients. As for pregnant women, it will help prevent the uncomfortable cramps of pregnancy.

Banana is an ideal energy source for both children and pregnant women due to its high content of potassium, magnesium, sodium and iron. It is the perfect dessert in any season.

We propose different ways to present the banana on your table, an ideal fruit for children and pregnant women due to its high potassium content.

Banana custard. Banana custard recipe for children. Easy recipes for children's breakfast, dessert or snack. our site offers quick and easy healthy and nutritious recipes for families. How to make banana custard.

Crispy banana cake. Banana cake with cinnamon and sugar. Crispy banana sponge cake recipe for breakfast or children's snack. Guiainfantil offers you a rich, easy and practical recipe to prepare.

Banana cake. Banana cake. An easy, quick and very healthy recipe for breakfast or a children's snack. The banana is a rich one that provides vitamins, mineral salts and potassium to children.

Banana ice cream with walnuts. Bananas are one of the first fruits in the children's diet, and in hot weather we can make a children's recipe for sweet and crunchy banana and walnut ice cream, which our site offers us, step by step.

Banana and walnut muffins. With a few bananas and some nuts we can make this exquisite recipe for banana and walnut muffins or muffins for children's snacks or breakfast. A very healthy homemade recipe for children to start the day stronger and more animated.

Banana crepe with mascarpone cheese. In GuiaInfantil we suggest you cook some tasty crepes and add Mascarpone cheese, a delicious Italian fresh cheese, and banana. This way you will combine the pleasure of the sweet with the vitamins and nutrients of the fruit.

Banana Split Recipe. Banana Split recipe, the dessert with ice cream and fruit, a favorite of children. our site shows you, step by step, how to make this Banana split recipe for your children. A recipe to share with everyone in the family, and repeat!

Banana mousse. Light recipe. The banana mousse is a sweet and very light dessert, perfect to prepare with children and to get used to eating fruit. It is also very beneficial for pregnant women due to its folic acid content.

Snowman with bananas. Original Christmas desserts with fruits for children. Make a doll of nine with banana slices and other fruits for the dessert of Christmas dinner. Step by step recipe of fruit dessert in the shape of a snowman.

Banana cake with margarine. Easy banana and walnut cake recipe for kids. Light and juicy sponge cake with fruits for children's snacks. recipe for sponge cake with banana. Banana is a natural source of fiber and vitamins, since it provides vitamin B6 and vitamin C, as well as a lot of potassium and manganese.

Banana and quinoa pancakes. Quinoa and banana pancakes. Dessert recipes for children. We suggest you cook delicious pancakes with the children. It is an ideal dessert for both vegans and people who cannot eat eggs.

Banana cake with walnuts. For children who do not want to eat fruit, prepare this recipe for a banana and walnut cake, a dessert with many nutrients for children and pregnant women.

Banana and almond sandwich. Recipe for a banana and almond sandwich for the children's snack. How to make an original and nutritious sandwich with fruit for children.

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