Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Children's Stories

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Children's Stories

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In a far away place there lived a beautiful princess named Snow White. She lived in a castle with her stepmother, a very mean and vain woman, who all she wanted was to be the most beautiful woman in the kingdom. Every day he asked his magic mirror who was the most beautiful in the kingdom, to which the mirror answered:

- You are the most beautiful of all women, my queen. Time went by until one day the magic mirror answered that the most beautiful in the kingdom was Snow White. The queen, full of fury and rage, ordered a hunter to take Snow White into the forest and kill her. And as proof he would bring his heart in a chest. The hunter took Snow White to the forest but when they arrived there he felt sorry for the young woman and advised her to go far away from the castle, carrying the heart of a wild boar in her chest.

Snow White, seeing herself alone, was very afraid because she had to spend the night walking through the darkness of the forest. At dawn, he discovered a beautiful little house. He walked in without thinking twice. The furniture and objects in the little house were very small. There were seven little plates on the table, seven little glasses, and seven beds in the bedroom, where Snow White, after putting them together, went to bed falling sound asleep all day.

At dusk, the owners of the house arrived. They were seven dwarfs who worked in some mines. They were amazed to discover Snow White. She told them all her sad story and the dwarfs hugged her and begged the girl to stay with them. Snow White accepted and stayed to live with them. They were happy.

Meanwhile, in the castle, the queen was once again very furious to discover, through her magic mirror, that Snow White was still alive and that she was still the most beautiful in the kingdom. Furious and vengeful the cruel stepmother disguised herself as an innocent old lady and left for the little house in the woods.

There, when Snow White was alone, the evil one approached and posing as good offered the girl a poisoned apple. When Snow White took her first bite, she fainted, much to the happiness of the evil queen. In the afternoon, when the dwarfs returned from work, they found Snow White lying on the ground, pale and still, and they thought she was dead.

Sadly, the dwarfs built a glass urn so that all the forest animals could say goodbye to Snow White. A few days later, a prince on horseback. And as soon as he contemplated Snow White, he fell in love with her.

When he said goodbye by kissing her on the cheek, Snow White came back to life, because the kiss of love that the prince had given her broke the spell of the evil queen. Snow White married the prince and they expelled the cruel queen from the palace, and since then everyone has been able to live happily.


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